Highlights : 

• Several pegmatite outcrops have been identified and sampled. Observations shows the potential  to identify large pegmatites on Block C. Pegmatites are concentrated in 500 metres wide swarms  recognized over a kilometric strike length.  

• Mineralogical and textural characteristics observed allow to link Block C pegmatites to the LCT  type (Lithium-Cesium-Tantalum). 

• The MegaLi project shares its border with Patriot Battery Metals Inc’s Corvette property and is  located about 3 km south from CV5 pegmatite system. The CV5 pegmatite contains 109.2 Mt of  inferred resources at 1.74% LiO2 contains in spodumene (Patriot Battery Metals, Corporate  presentation, August 2023, Presentation – Patriot Battery Metals).  

• 111 prioritised rock-chip samples are on their way to ALS Laboratories for alkaline fusion  assaying.  

• Fieldwork remains ongoing with only 18 of the forecasted 25 ground campaign days completed  to date. 

Vancouver, B.C. – October 4, 2023 – SPOD LITHIUM CORP. (“SPOD” or the “Company”) (CSE: SPOD)  (OTCQB:SPODF) is pleased to provide shareholders with an exploration update on its MegaLi project located  approximately fifty (50) kilometres south-southwest of the 2779 MW LG4 hydropower facility and 16 km from all weather road access, JamesBay. The property consists of 78 mining claims covering a total area of 3,996.67  hectares (40 square kilometers) and is accessible by helicopter operating from a camp located along the  hydropower reservoir.  

Block “C” pegmatite discovery 

During September’s work program, the exploration team identified multiple outcropping pegmatites and boulders  over the three (3) blocks (B,C,F) during 18 days of exploration work in the field. A significant discovery was made  on Block “C” where multiple large pegmatite intrusions follow the north-east regional structural trend. Individual 

pegmatite ridges can be followed for about 1km along strike. Peripheric exploration and mapping of the geology,  indicated that potential thickness of these intrusions can be in a 10 to 50 metres range. The distribution of  outcrops suggests a 500-metre-wide swarm composed of stacked intrusions. Host rocks of the pegmatite  observed are composed mainly of amphibolite, although described as a tonalite on the MERN website. 

Pegmatites identified show variable concentrations of potassic feldspar, albitic plagioclase, quartz and muscovite  as main components. Locally, tourmaline (black and dark blue) and garnet appear as accessory phases. The  crystallization texture can be locally very coarse grain when compared with average pegmatite with individual  crystals reaching locally 20 cm. Preliminary observations indicate common evidence of different crystallization  texture corresponding to different magmatic episodes.  

During this first scouting phase, 111 samples were taken for assaying including 79 samples originating from  Block C.  

Figure 1: MegaLi location map

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Figure2: View to the east of the Block “C” pegmatites complex.  

Figure 3: A) shallow dipping pegmatite-amphibolite contact. B) magmatic contact between two pegmatite layers. 

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Prospecting method 

Rock chip fragments are collected from bedrock surface in areas that enable works. The mineralogical  composition of fragments is described. A portable XRF is used on a routine basis to detect the presence of an  excess of Rubidium. This element is used to identify the presence of LCT pegmatites (Lithium-Cesium,  Tantalum), which is the deposit type for spodumene bearing pegmatite, as largely recognized, and documented  in the James Bay area. Based on scientific literature, the correlation between rubidium and lithium is generally  accepted for exploration geochemistry purpose. The Company thinks that by promoting this approach, the  identification of favorable sectors for lithium mineralization can be identified using the Rubidium enrichment (1).  

(1) Source: Cerny P., Meintzer R.E., 1988: Fertile granites in the Archean and Proterozoic fields of rare-element  pegmatites: crustal environment, geochemistry and petrogenetic relationships in Recent advances in the Geology  of Granite-Related Mineral Deposits, Proceedings of the CIM Conference on Granite-Related Mineral Deposits,  Sept 1985, Eds Taylor R.P., Strong D.F.  

This strategic approach aims at compensating for the difficulty of sampling large and representative areas of  pegmatites and the often-discreet characteristic of spodumene. During a prospecting program, the portable XRF  is used to discriminate pegmatites whose emplacement process was more favorable to lithium enrichment and  spodumene crystallization.  

The lithium pegmatites at Corvette commonly contain elevated levels of Rubidium (Rb) and Cesium (Cs)  compared to less differentiated granites, confirming their strongly differentiated signature that is typically for LCT  pegmatites. Whole rock Rubidium contents are commonly 1000 to 4000 ppm Rb (ref. NI43-101 Technical Report  Mineral Resource Estimate for the CV5 Pegmatite, Corvette Property p.51).

– 4 – 

Figure 4: Partial view of Block C prospecting coverage.  

Cautionary note:  

Rubidium and potassium measurement with a portable XRF instrument has to be considered as geochemical indicators  used in routinely in the course of prospecting work to orient and prioritize sampling sectors. Values expressed can be  considered as a representative assay performed laboratory conditions and supervised by a QAQC protocol.  Also, the presence of Rb in sampled rock is by anyway correlated unless a proper assaying method is performed.  The representation of prospecting data illustrates favourability sectors for the presence of a lithium enrichment.  

Patriot Battery Metals 

The Company highlights that September 8th CV5 mineral resource estimate (MRE) has firmly established it as  the largest lithium pegmatite mineral resource in the Americas and eighth largest globally containing a maiden  mineral resource estimate of 109.2 million tonnes at 1.42 per cent Li2O (see Patriot Battery Metals’ News  Release July 31st, 2023). Moreover, an all-weather exploration access road is under construction, extending  from the all-weather Trans-Taiga Road to CV5, and will facilitate our upcoming exploration programs. The road  is anticipated to be operational for November 2023 (see Patriot Battery Metals’ News Release July 31st, 2023)  and will stop around 3km from the MegaLi project.

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Chris Cooper, President and Chief Executive Officer of Spod Lithium, stated, ” We are very excited with the  findings on Block C of our Megali property. The exploration team has worked diligently on the lands under the  direction of our geologist Martin Demers PGeo. Martin has put together a comprehensive exploration program  on the Megali lands and more specifically on Block “C”. We are eager to receive results from the abundance of  samples taken from the lands. We anticipate the Megali lands will be a flagship property for Spod Lithium.”  

Qualified Person  

Martin Demers, PGeo, senior geologist, and a consultant to Spod Lithium, is the qualified person under National  Instrument 43-101 – Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects, responsible for the technical contents of this  news release, and has approved the disclosure of the technical information contained herein. 

About Spod Lithium Corp. 

Spod Lithium Corp. is a mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition and development of mineral  properties containing battery, base, and precious metals. The Company’s flagship assets are its Lithium properties  located in the James Bay region of Quebec and the Nipigon and Niemi region of Ontario, Canada. For further  information, please refer to the Company’s disclosure record on SEDAR (www.sedar.com) or contact the  Company through its website at www.spodlithiumcorp.com or by telephone at 604.721-3000. 

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Chris Cooper 

Chief Executive Officer 

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